Alternative Star Wars future….

This is what Lucas imagined. I have keyed it to the relevant moment.

I want the Mandalorian and especially Ahsoka series to continue towards George Lucas’s vision for the future of Star Wars. The Rey trilogy should be side-lined. This could be achieved not by avoiding it, but by rewriting it as an alternate future timeline. Think about it. The Rey trilogy is inconsistent with Star Wars lore, inconsistent with the character of our hero Luke Skywalker and horrific things happened like the Hosnian Cataclysm. Why wouldn’t the Force warn Ahsoka?

I’m not pretending to write how that story goes, just that it should happen. George’s vision of what happens in movies 7 to 9 is just better. The Star Wars fans are mainly disappointed. The franchise has suffered the most illogical woke writing I’ve seen since government PC advertising. The Rey trilogy is inconsistently written in itself, in the broader Star Wars lore, and deserves to be side-lined into an alternative force-fever nightmare that just never happened. Long live Luke! Long live Leia! Long live her children and down with imaginary Rey – the worst Mary Sue we ever had the misfortune to meet.

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