Is the game EVE online a genius player driven world or ‘spreadsheets in space’?

I actually enjoyed an EVE book once – a worthy space opera. But as I started to play (a year back) it looked like getting to the exciting battles at the end of this trailer was going to take months of grinding.

Some ex-players call the game “spreadsheets in space” because there is an in-game market that’s almost too realistic in that prices fluctuate given in game player driven supply and demand. This requires endless study, leading to the whole ‘spreadsheets in space’ label.

But I remain fascinated by the “sand-box” nature of the game, in that there’s this huge region called “Nul-Sec” (for Nil or Zero game security) where players fight over huge star systems and anything can happen. Player combat and alliances and politics drive what happens in Nul-Sec. I’ve heard of players parking their Battle Cruiser in a sort of “Death Star” space station and having a break for a few months, only to log back in later to find the Death Star had been taken over by an enemy empire and they either had to try and bust their ship out of the storage hangar and make a run for it or sell the thing on the market at whatever price was going and beam to another station! I mean, some of the “Death Stars” in here are player made, and sometimes get destroyed by in game battles! Now that’s an interactive environment!

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