Lunar city to save us from climate change?

What about solving climate change by building an industrial city on the moon? A good lunar city could use solar power to launch PowerSats via maglev railgun into orbit around the Earth to power the world from abundant RELIABLE solar power from space, use the $10 trillion dollar a year energy industry to fund our expansion into space, and even protect against other future threats. It will give us more eyes out in space to detect asteroids. If we angle them just right, all these giant orbiting solar platforms could also REDUCE incoming sunlight to cool the earth a tiny bit in a climate emergency, or if we angle them another way they could INCREASE sunlight by mirroring down more to save us from the next ice age in 3500AD or thereabouts. This episode covers a bunch of stuff but I’ve keyed this it to the correct time.

I mean, according to the ‘great’ Sci-Fi I used to watch when I was a kid, we should be there already, hey? 😉 10 points if you can name the show!

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