Would you pay a little more for water?

Would you pay more for water if it meant less restrictions and more water reliability in periods like this? Imagine being able to put the sprinkler back on, but just pay a little extra for that water. (Or better yet, use a state of the art drip-filter hose system.) I was wondering how much extra our Desal plant cost us and looked it up. While there are running costs when it is shut down in storage mode, they’re not very high. And when running it only raised our water bill 13c per 1000 litres!

“The Sydney Desalination Plant is now operating. This means the water usage charge increased from $2.11 to $2.24 on 1 October 2019.”
Sydney Water

So I guess the question is, would those of us with gardens we cherish be happy to pay a extra amount for any extra water consumed above a certain ‘normal’ amount? Should Sydney build another Desal, especially as they seem to do less damage than we once thought? In 20 years this kind of summer could be the new normal. I would be willing to pay a little extra to have water abundance. It might even help avert a new spot-fire if Sydney were generally greener and more humid and able to water itself.

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