Ah, now I get it. It’s an affordable 100% electric high spec stainless steel scratch resistant ute that carries 1.6 tons of cargo. (And can tow 7 tons in a trailer.)
0-100 in 2.9 seconds: speed of sports car, body of a tank. It has 3 prices:$40k gets 400km, $50k gets 480km, but the $70k gets over 800kms! (Popular Mechanics.)

That’s almost Sydney to Melbourne on one charge, but you’ll need a half hour break somewhere in that trip so that’s a good time for a top up. (Tesla superchargers tend to charge about 200km per half hour.) Remember, EV’s don’t need servicing like Internal Combustion Engine vehicles. But the controversial 1980’s Sci-Fi look? As one comment said:

First look ew
second look eh
Third look it’s growing on me
Fourth look ok take my money

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