Adani approved at risk of losing desert oasis.

Wow, what a surprise. The Adani corporation have promised that they really truly wuly studied the water impacts on a local desert oasis wetlands. The Queensland government just rolled over and accepted their findings. I mean, Adani hired someone who knew Powerpoint and everything! Due diligence met, apparently. Meanwhile, water scientists have been begging the government not to grant this until further studies have been done. Don’t be surprised if Australia loses another beautiful oasis to our quest for cheap but dirty coal, and probably some oasis-specific species with it. But hey? A big overseas corporation wants to! So I guess we just have to roll over and get on with it…. I mean, this is Australia right? No unreasonable request denied! (PS: Let’s also remember coal isn’t that cheap because you pay for it twice; once as electricity, then again as a public health bill!)

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