Environmentalist gets Obama to put $150 billion into wind and solar, and is horrified by the results

Michael Shellenberger is an environmentalist who grew up having holidays in national parks across America. He loves it. He lead groups that eventually succeeded in asking Obama to put $150 BILLION into renewables. (They originally wanted $300 billion.) He was horrified by the results! First, the renewables just increased dependence on natural gas for backup, locking in future CO2 emissions. Then he noticed the side effects — bat biologists speaking out about 70 to 150 thousand Hoary bats killed each year by wind turbines, birds of prey killed by wind turbines, and desert tortoises and birds of prey are under threat from solar farms. A decent sized solar thermal farm will literally fry 6000 of these magnificent birds every year. It’s like a laser — and they fall smoking from the sky. And this is all before America has hardly SCRATCHED THE SURFACE building enough wind and solar to make a dent on climate change. Do we want to save the climate by destroying the environment? Do we want our power systems to industrialise the landscape, or our cities?

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