Solar not so ‘clean’ after all!

Don’t want a nuclear power plant in your backyard? What about a rare-earth’s mine for solar panels? This tailings dam is 11.5km in diameter. Wikipedia explains that “Chemicals in the dam have been linked to lower crop yields in surrounding farmlands and serious health problems among local villagers.” If we scale up wind and solar to the huge levels proposed by Mark Jacobson & friends there will be many more toxic tailings dams like this one. Yes uranium mines have their own tailings dams, but they do not seem to be as large as this. Also, rare-earth’s mines produce thorium as a waste product which in first world nations must be stored. If we build my favourite reactor one rare-earth mine in America would produce enough WASTE thorium to power the entire world, every year.

And after 30 to 40 years America would have to recycle 1.23 MILLION solar panels every day, forever. Once again we see that renewables industrialise nature while nuclear industrialises society.

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