More FUD about Chernobyl hitting your screens soon!

The Guardian and a new HBO miniseries on Chernobyl are both spreading FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt) about Chernobyl. While it was a terrible accident, and people died, we cannot let a ‘documentary’ with a scary soundtrack ramp up our emotions without first looking at the numbers. Basically, how radioactive is Sydney? Your backyard? Your kitchen? Always ask about the numbers. Do research. FYI, I would live in the Chernobyl area. Meanwhile, just remember:-

  • The west never built one of these stupid reactors (it didn’t even have a proper containment dome for crying out loud!)
  • More people die worldwide every week from coal pollution when it goes *right* than the entire history of nuclear power going *wrong*. If people are scared of nuclear, they should be wearing “The end is nigh” placards about coal.
  • Some more data on Chernobyl from Forbes.
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