Brexit: why everyone is afraid

Brexit comment: if the UK want to leave the EU but remain in the Single Market, the UK would *still* be subject to the European Court of Justice. (The ECJ rules create standard laws for members of the single market so countries can’t get ahead by exploiting workers or having unsafe working standards.) But having left, the UK would no longer have a vote in those rules! In other words, they would be bound by laws they have no say in. Norway, Iceland, and Liechtenstein are all OUT of the EU but IN the Single Market. They pay significant FEES to belong to the EU to belong to the market, abide by the LAWS of the ECJ, and still have to allow FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT AND EMPLOYMENT within the Single Market countries. (And that includes Norway, Iceland, and Liechtenstein which are not even in the EU.)

In other words, the UK wouldn’t control their borders and would still be subject to freedom of movement of all EU member states and some even outside the EU. (Norway, etc.)

Remainers would argue against leaving the EU when the economic and political benefits of belonging are so great, and then at least the UK could vote on the ECJ rules the UK would be bound by. Leavers would argue against staying in the Single Market and being ruled by the ECJ which prevents border control, which was the whole point of the Leave campaign in the first place! No wonder the country is so divided — Leavers fear for their Sovereignty (with border control) and Remainers fear for their Prosperity (wanting access to the Single Market). Fear, fear, everywhere — and it all comes to a head in March 2019.

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