Just added this Vox piece on cycling to summary pages

Hi all,

as you know my ‘summary pages’ on the main navigation bar are a summary of my favourite greenie technologies and cultures so far. Media sources investigate these from time to time and release better video’s explaining them. So I’m always pruning, re-writing, and adding to my summary pages. Today I just added something to my Rail page. Rail is great, the lifeblood of New Urbanism and successful city designs. But what if you’re in a rush and the train station stops a kilometre from your destination? (This is probably about commuting to work, not your daily shopping which would be 95% walkable in a true New Urban village.) Enter the Vox piece below. You can see why I just had to add this to my Rail page (under REZONE).

As Vox says, if cycling can happen in New York, it can happen anywhere. Dedicated cycling lanes generate commercial income, prevent accidents, and can actually increase traffic efficiency.

Society is moving to robot-taxis, but they’ll cost more per km than merely riding a bike. We can enjoy both options because riding a bike is pleasurable, but it can also be convenient to catch a taxi home in the rain or when loaded down with too much baggage for a bike. Also, robot-cars don’t need dedicated parking but merely drop you in loading bays, which is ideal given the constraints on parking bays mentioned in the video. Robot-taxis and cycling: perfect partners.

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