Why Alice Friedmann is wrong

Just 16 months ago Alice Friedemann asked:-

Diesel is finite. Trucks are the bedrock of civilization. So where are the battery electric trucks?

The answer is Tesla!
Tesla electric trucks will be not only be safer, smarter, faster, and more reliable than diesel trucks, they’ll work out 20% cheaper! They’ll have emergency self driving capabilities, and with bullet-proof glass enjoy less time off road. (In today’s best diesel trucks, mere windshield damage is at least an annual cause of late delivery of goods). They have a 500 mile range and recharge in 30 minutes while they unload.
Oh, and for fun it was carrying the new 2020 Tesla roaster as a “But wait there’s more!” moment. It will be the “fastest production car, period!” and have a 1000km range. That’s Sydney to Melbourne in one charge.
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