Please, no third Blade Runner movie!

No third movie! Not if the point is “tidying everything up in a nice bow”, as Collider said in the video below. The 2 Blade Runner movies are the Socratic method at its best: asking the ultimate questions about the value of human life, what is sentience, who are we, and how are we to live? A third movie would reduce these classics to a mere Hollywood ‘story’, something synthetic like Joi, a product. But as they are right now, they are something more. Some have asked what all the hype is about the original Blade Runner movie given the plot is quite thin and it takes a long time to unfold. But these movies are positioned and sound-scaped to make us feel something beyond the plot. The mood is the meaning. They are high art. I fear answering all our questions would shirt-circuit the whole point of the two Blade Runner movies and ‘tidy them up’ in a manner that was too domesticated for the raw emotion intended in these masterpieces.
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