2018 mayhem for the North West of Sydney

SEVENTY-FOUR extra buses between 8 and 9am on already congested roads.
MORE than 5000 people boarding buses at Macquarie University Station in the evening peak hour.
FIFTY-EIGHT extra buses on Waterloo Rd, Macquarie Park, between 8 and 9am.

It’s a major interruption to Sydney’s second largest CBD area.
Unbelievable. For what? The Metro line does not make statistical sense. The arguments for a Metro are that as a mostly standing single deck train, it creates faster unloading and reloading, which in turn allows more single-decker trains one after the other. But statistically more single deckers does not offset the loss of the double deckers that carry 50% more people. The math doesn’t work. Not only that, but they are vandalising the current tunnels to make reverting back to double-decker trains impossible. The tunnel is going to be 40cm narrower than double-deckers require. This is permanent vandalism of the line, locking us into what might turn out to be an inferior service.
Again, this SMH article has more statistics showing that a single decker is just not as good as a double-decker, despite the slightly faster boarding times on the single decker. It’s madness.
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