How low is Trump’s IQ?

Wow, Trump can’t bother to even ask his advisors how NATO works before insulting the leader of an important ally with a ‘bill’. If this is how he treats his allies in a routine diplomatic visit, how is the guy going to respond in a real crisis with an antagonist? The guy is seriously deluded and dangerous. As The Guardian reports, the American representative to NATO says…

‘That’s not how it works’


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4 Responses to How low is Trump’s IQ?

  1. Yeah, trump is stupid but beat Hillary and leftists who had 5 times as much money to spend. He did exactly what he needed to win. It wasn’t random. It wasn’t an accident.

    Trump doesn’t do things the “regular way’. Unlike obama who did things the regular way and left us with 76% of Americans saying we were going in the wrong direction trump is challenging everything. That’s what we need. We need to question everything because it hasn’t worked.

    NATO is going to have to step up. If you want change it’s going to upset the oligarch’s who want everything to stay the same. Get prepared. Trump isn’t going to be doing things the way you think and that’s good because the way you want it done hasn’t worked.

    • Greg Monks says:

      45 explained exactly what he did to get elected. All he did (in his own words) was stare at the little red lights on the cameras, and yakked and spewed nonsense, hate, and vitriol, until all the little red lights came on.

      I once ran an algorithm on his Twitter Twaddle that, nine times out of ten, pegged his IQ at 90. So intelligence-wise he’s on par with George W. Shrub, or a bag of hammers, take your pick.

      Trump is dangerous, unfit for office, and belongs in a lunatic asylum in order to minimise the damage he can do.

  2. Eclipse Now says:

    You’ve talked about different ‘ways’, but not really named a single practical policy or desired outcome. As far as I can tell, Trump is anti-science, anti-refugee, objectifies women and does not understand the consequences of his policies on a globalized economy. He offers simplistic solutions to very complex problems, and after 4 years of his over-simplified rhetoric and failed promises, his promise to return America to some mythical ‘Golden Age’ of the past is going to fail and the rednecks that voted him in will be disillusioned. Climate change is real, oil is peaking, and the world is changing so fast Trump doesn’t even see it coming. Hold onto your hats, because as I said above, a psycho like Trump should *not* be in charge of the world’s only super-power.

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