This is my kind of solar!

Hi all,

I normally diagnose a fast build out of nuclear power, eventually scaling this up to GenIV breeder reactors like the Integral Fast Reactor or eventually the ultimate waste-eating reactor, the Molten Salt Reactor. (The IFR is a GREAT and very safe reactor, but the MSR has passive safety systems that I personally think are even better. EG: No liquid sodium).

But I mentioned solar? Well, this is a futuristic scenario about automation on the moon, and a series of these around the moon could provide a lot of the power they need constructed from local materials. They could also build nuclear, but if automated robots are building this, then it may be easier for them to build a number of these solar towers around the moon and overcome the fortnight night-time that way. But the best bit? Build the solar concentrators in impact craters, and they get the inwards curvature for free.


Just whack this…



In one of these…


Again, this is assuming an almost post-scarcity economy with far more sophisticated robot-labour practically for free. In today’s economy, renewables are not going to do the job here on earth, not unless something radical changes in energy storage technology. But in the future? Maybe with a lunar moon robot industry with an output a million times America’s economy today,  maybe we’ll have the sheer robot-labour to build space-based solar power systems that beam microwaves back to receiving stations on earth and get all our power from the sun. Who knows? That’s for our grandchildren and great grandchildren to decide.


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2 Responses to This is my kind of solar!

  1. On the Moon, there are two weeks in which you’re pointing away from the sun and you’re not going to be making any energy. If you want to put solar panels on both sides of the moon, that would require two rockets. It’s possible, but a little bit impractical.

  2. Eclipse Now says:

    I’m not talking about one rocket, but dozens, establishing a lunar base. There are many things a lunar civilisation could be used for. Other than just science about the moon itself, a real moon city could be used for manufacturing stuff and firing it out to Earth orbit vastly cheaper than lifting out of Earth’s own expensive gravity well. EG: A giant rail magnetic rail gun could fire rocket fuel tankers into orbit to refuel passenger ships for Space X Mars trips, or satellites, or space-based solar power, or the ultimate tool to get Earthlings into space so cheap we could scale back the moon base: an Earth Orbital ring!.

    Will a moon civilisation build a solar ring around the moon and microwave energy back to earth?

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