Apart from France, the West is losing this race!

Things are hotting up!

Global competition is threatening. “Despite the U.S. civil nuclear industry’s strengths,” the Commerce Department warned earlier this year, “U.S. companies continue to lose significant market share to an ever‐increasing number of foreign government‐owned or led competitors, including Russia, Japan, France, China and the Republic of Korea.”

The reason is clear: those nations offer low-cost loans to nations seeking to finance nuclear plant construction. The U.S. does not.

Meanwhile, China is racing past America in terms of innovation. China has at least four next generation nuclear reactors in the works, including one financed by Bill Gates, who is expected to put millions and perhaps billions of his own money into the joint venture.
From Nuclear unites climate scientists and skeptics, liberals and conservatives: can it bring the world together?

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2 Responses to Apart from France, the West is losing this race!

  1. klawrencej says:

    Dear Dave (“maxGreen”):
    When it comes Nuclear (asWell as ôtr.industrial Output that’s *competitive*), u Speak the *100%* Truth about China (& also France), Vérsus the “RoW” !! (Rest of World)

    Unfort. ’twill require some Muitissimo-(very-Véry)-*Cléver* estratégias (Latin vers.of Strat.) for *any* # of “Western” Org(s) to play “Catch-up” with the ~$3-BILlion(!) lead that Sino R&D on MSRs enjoys – – hanging über el WEST’s Économic *Péril* !!
    (do infórme ifF you’d care for any [very-Prívi] links on what such Cléver “Ms. Science” Strat.s must look like… )

  2. klawrencej says:

    hey Dave,
    I tried leaving “MaxGreen” (¿spacing?) some (great) Comments like 2+¶’s Long.
    But when I hit ur Post button, the WordP. Server seems to have Frozen up¡!
    . . . And aft refreshing my Droid browser, your WP post onthe Smart Sino Nuc development (e That ofthe oft-Über-Bureaucratic French) appears Lóst to Humanity…
    . ¿Any sugestions? ⌛. . . 😑

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