Before the Flood: a must see climate documentary!

Before the Flood was free for a week, but is now on most pay TV platforms. This is a beautifully produced climate documentary, and clearly portrays some of the dangers of climate change that even An Inconvenient Truth missed. Have a movie night. Gather the family and friends, and make popcorn or eat pizza. Like. Share. Discuss. It’s our future.


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4 Responses to Before the Flood: a must see climate documentary!

  1. Ian Cocking says:

    Nuclear isn’t a thing then? We’re all so doomed but you can’t use nukes cos that’s cheating. Left wing environmentalism needs to stop denying solutions just as much as the right needs to stop denying climate change.

  2. Eclipse Now says:

    I hear you! The Left says “Climate change is real so we all must tighten our belts to make renewables possible.” (And yet those belts cannot tighten enough!) The Right says, “There is no climate change, and nuclear power is the answer!” How do we get these 2 sides to talk? Fortunately with the rise of the Eco-modernists, the pragmatic nuclear-greenies are gaining some kudos.

  3. Jim Baerg says:

    When I try to watch it I get the message “This video does not exist”.

    BTW I am in Canada & using Google Chrome, just in case either is relevant to why I don’t see it.

  4. Eclipse Now says:

    Sorry Jim, I’m going to have to edit my post. It appears National Geographic only had it up as a temporary promotion for one week. It really was a beautifully produced climate change documentary. It’s now on pay TV platforms.

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