Call for driverless Australia by 2030

I’ve been saying it for a while: a driver-less society is coming. It could soon be illegal to drive in Australia, because the robots will do it so much better!

Smart cars are coming, but what about smart roads?

Telstra’s chief scientist, Dr Hugh Bradlow, thinks Australian roads should be driverless by 2030.

He tells RN Drive that Australia’s road infrastructure needs a rethink if we’re going to keep pace with driverless technologies.

ABC Environment podcast


But not only this, Elon Musk has opened Stage 1 of his Gigafactory for super-efficient bulk manufacturing of lithium batteries for EV’s! The world in 2014 produced 30 GW lithium batteries, but Elon’s factory will produce 50 GW a year from 218, and 150 GW per year in the 2020’s. That’s a 5-fold increase on every single lithium battery used for phones and laptops and toys today! Elon plans to be selling 1.5 million EV’s a year by the 2020’s. He is the Steve Jobs of cars and space!

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