I’m furious with the world-wide grid!

This is madness! There are Chinese proposals before the World Economic forum that they want to build a world-wide super-grid costing $50 TRILLION dollars up to 2050. This is all in the VAIN hope that it will convert ‘unreliables’ (as I call wind and solar) into reliable, baseload electricity.

How much money is that?

Dr James Hansen (the world’s most famous climatologist) says we should build 115GW of nuclear reactors a year. There are various plans for assembly line nukes, and $3 billion / GW is not a stretch. So 115 reactors a year for 40 years times $3 billion = just under $14 trillion. That’s the POWER SOURCE DONE, without any extra money wasted on a hypothetical, fairy-land worldwide grid.

So that’s $36 TRILLION saved on NOT BUILDING THE SUPER GRID, let alone all the EXTRA money wasted on unreliables. Remember, they’ve still got to build dozens of times more wind and solar than nukes because… you can’t rely on wind and solar. But it gets worse. I’ve seen credible plans for GenIV Molten Salt Reactors coming off the assembly line for somewhere between $1 to $2 billion per GW!

This is SAFE, baseload, reliable electricity that doesn’t need a ‘super-grid’ to help it along. It’s reliable. It could plug into today’s grid, just as coal (sadly) does today.

This is just one reason why Dr James Hansen says that believing in 100% RENEWABLES is like believing in the Easter Bunny or Tooth Fairy.

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