Libreoffice password opens locked Microsoft Office files

Hi all,
for the last few years I’ve been using Microsoft Office365 for business reasons. But since Microsoft took 5 years to update office for mac, we’ve decided most of us can switch back to Libreoffice. We’ll outright buy Microsoft Office for one machine, and just wait and see if they _ever_ update it again! Why subscribe each year to Microsoft as more of the world gradually adopts Open Source software?

libreoffice.pngThis is probably old news to Libreoffice users, but I’ve not used Libreoffice for a few years. Now that I’ve returned to Libreoffice I tried to open password locked Microsoft Office files. To my surprise and delight, the password software is now compatible between Libreoffice and Microsoft Office. If I find an old Word or Excel file that is password locked, I can double click on it and LibreOffice will try to open it, find it password locked, ask me for the password, and then I just type it in and open it as normal. Great work Libreoffice!

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