Australian Climate Council advertises trendy toy

I don’t mind the idea of this eco-capsule, and if I were a single professional with a reason to travel, maybe this would be my thing. But surely this isn’t the sort of ‘answer’ to climate change that the ACC should be pushing? Surely they’re not serious that this is going to change the world? I mean, at over $81,000 (with delivery to Australia), this is really only single person living. I can’t imagine sharing this with a partner, and climbing over them to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night.  Unless you both had a semi-military mindset.

If an expensive and small eco-friendly caravan is your thing, then it could be an option. But it just seems the ACC doesn’t have anything else to talk about, and can’t bring themselves to recognise the inevitability of  pumping out the 115 reactors a year that Dr James Hansen recommends.



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