LFTR’s to fight cancer

This one really interested me. Targeted alpha therapy. Attach an alpha emitting particle (like Bismuth 213) to an anti-body which then goes and attaches to a cancer cell and the radiation kills that cancer cell. Bismuth 213 only comes from the thorium decay-chain as normal uranium in Light Water Reactors decays to Bismuth 212. That’s a problem, because 212’s granddaughter Thallium is a hard gamma emitter which could cause more damage than it cures.

Only LFTR’s could produce Bismuth 213 as a side-effect of producing abundant clean electricity.

Now add this to my last post on this topic, and you have LFTR’s giving us:-

  • abundant cheap clean electricity,
  • more thermally efficient electricity,
  • nuclear waste & warhead eating reactor,
  • passive safety where the reactor fuel drains away then solidifies if power fails,
  • desalinated seawater (from waste heat — not instead of producing power but after producing power),
  • cancer-fighting Bismuth 212,
  • plutonium to run deep space probes.

LFTR’s are what fusion wanted to be, but with so many more applications it hurts that we’re not building a worldwide fleet right now.

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