More efficient, more water, more deep space

LFTR’s are So, more efficient, produce more water, and more deep space probes!
* EFFICIENT: regular reactors are only 35% thermally efficient with the heat, LFTR’s are 50% efficient: it’s a different turbine type. (This is just about how it makes electricity from heat, not about how efficient it is with fuel. Because it burns nuclear waste it is 60 times more efficient if we’re discussing fuel!)
* WATER: LFTR’s *also* generate such high temperatures that *after* making electricity, the waste heat is still hot enough to make fresh drinking water. This is *not* using the electricity to make fresh water, this is *waste* heat making fresh water after the electricity has already been made!
* LFTR’s can *also* be configured so that afinal waste product is plutonium 238, which is the only power source we have that runs very deep space satellites and probes.
So there you have it. More efficient, more water, and more deep space probes!

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