Vitrification: video of how to store nuclear waste!

OK, so if we burn today’s nuclear ‘waste’ (actinides like plutonium) in breeder reactors, how do we get rid of the ‘real waste’ (fission products like caesium-137)?
1. Fission products have a really short half life and *most* only have to be stored for 300 years before being safe.
2. There *are* some longer lived wastes in there, but they are such a small amount that they can safely be encased in the storage of other waste around them.
3. How? Vitrify them: turn the waste into glass that a little underground water cannot erode and carry away!
4. Vitrifying fission products is expensive, but once we’ve extracted 60 times the energy from today’s ‘nuclear waste’, it will have paid for itself many times over.

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