It’s nearly game over!

If King Coal gets his grubby hands on the TPP, even a 100% Green Government could not stop coal growing as fast as they want. They might even sue the government now and then just for spite! We’ve only got 2 weeks before this thing is signed! Write letters to your MP today, get online, go to Reddit and Facebook and Twitter: and do it right now.

As the Guardian points out a TPP would:-

  • It gives Corporations the right to sue any government that gets in their way or reduces their profits.
  • We are signing it before we know what is in it: before the fine print is finished!

Choice agrees. Director of campaigns, Matt Levey, said the group’s biggest concern is “we just don’t know what’s in it”.

“If Australia is losing out from this deal, we don’t even know about it,” he said.

Labor has raised concerns about the possible inclusion of investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) clauses, which allow corporations to sue federal and state governments if laws are enacted that adversely affect them.

Parke describes ISDS clauses as “really scary”.

“They’re like Trojan horses, because they allow so many other things in,” she said.

Despite raising concerns on ISDS clauses, and refusing to sign free trade agreements that contained them when in office, Labor has refused to rule out supporting the TPP even with ISDS clauses.

  • This is about saving democracy itself!
  • Corporations already abuse the system, and commit quite appalling crimes against our fellow human beings and the environment for which they are slapped on the wrists with tiny little fines.
  • The TPP is like handing the school bully a whip and banishing the democratically elected school captain to the naughty chair.

“The TPP makes corporate profits more important than protections for clean air, clean water, climate stability and workers’ rights,” ACTU president Ged Kearney said last month.

  • Even if there are some good trade arrangements that come out of the TPP, it is the fundamental attack on global democracy that is the problem. We want fairer trade, but we do not want it at the expense of our vote and our voice. Australia was the first nation to impose plain packaging on cigarette packets. Tobacco companies would not have allowed Australia to do so without crippling fines under a TPP!
  • There are other less threatening means by which we can ensure free trade between our nations. We do not want to hamstring our governments and end up spiralling into an uncontrollable Corporatocracy as imagined in the Sci-Fi TV series “Continuum”, or Neal Stephenson’s “Snow Crash” and “Diamond Age”.
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