Mike Baird, coal is NOT good for humanity!

Mike Baird, coal is NOT good for humanity! It kills millions of people a year! It’s as bad as ONE CHERNOBYL EVERY WEEK!

It *was* good. It gave us the Industrial Revolution, accelerated technological growth, and it led to a world where we could discover renewable energy and nuclear energy. But I wish coal had peaked and started to run out in the 1950’s. It had served it’s purpose. Breeder reactors were invented in the 1960’s and they would have been powering the world by now but for stupid coal.

But coal? Nearly 200 years ago Joseph Fourier discovered that CO2 is a greenhouse gas. This is *demonstrable* physics!

Watch the candle demonstrate the heat diverting properties of CO2. Starts 90 seconds in.

Mathematics around more CO2

Global Warming = ocean warming and expanding

Glaciers retreating:

It’s all demonstrable physics, and even photo shoots tell the story? What are Abbott and Baird not getting about coal being DEADLY for humanity? Why is the right-wing so broken that they just plain defy scientific data?

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