National’s Senator’s heart bleeds for poor fossil fuels!

The ABC’s 7:30 Report shows that Matthew Canavan’s heart bleeds for poor fossil fuel companies!  Apparently environmental groups are about to take control of Australia and put an end to all development and economic activity because they are dangerously over-funded by their tax concession status! The Greenies are coming, and Canavan’s terrified!

“MATTHEW CANAVAN: There are a large minority who are clearly engaged primarily in trying to stop fossil fuel development in Australia and I don’t think its right that Australian taxpayers, including people who work in the mining industry, are asked to fund those activities.”

But, not so fast Canavan! Do you not know? Have you not heard? Australia needs YOU, the Abbott regime, to shut down coal ASAP!

1. The irony!

Does Canavan even know how ridiculous he sounds? He’s worried about environmental groups being funded by taxpayer concessions, when the entire fossil fuel industry gets at least 100 times as much in government tax breaks and subsidies and kick-backs! He’s worried about greenies opposing fossil fuel expansion while conservative scientists are worried about that expansion in the first place! The irony here is not really funny. It’s disgusting. Australian fossil fuel companies are spoon-fed from the government gravy train to the tune of at least $4bn a year, but it could be as high as $10 billion a year, depending on what we’re counting(but including oil and coal and gas it looks like Australia’s total fossil  unsure what they’re while the Abbott government hyperventilates about tax concessions to the only groups trying to do something about our out-of-control coal overlords! This kind of money should not be put into expanding coal but into killing it! $4bn a year would soon replace all Australia’s coal fired power with clean, safe breeder reactors that would gradually gobble up the world’s nuclear waste.

2. The threats to health!

As the ABC reports:
The report entitled Coal and Health in the Hunter: Lessons from one valley for the world reveals NSW taxpayers are bearing the costs of health damages in the region worth tens of millions of dollars each year. Locals are paying with their current and future health. Further, the social costs of carbon (global damages arising from climate change) attributable to Hunter Valley coal amount to billions of dollars (estimates range from $16 billion to $66 billion) per annum.

Around 90 per cent of fossil fuel assets currently held in Australia (predominantly combusted for electricity production either here or overseas) cannot be burnt if we are to achieve emissions reductions rapidly enough to stop global warming at less than two degrees Celsius above pre-industrial temperatures.

It is clear that time is up for coal.

3. The threats to the Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef’s only hope is if we can prevent catastrophic climate change. A James Cook University report says we must:

3. Address climate change

The 2014 and 2009 outlook reports identify climate change as the major long-term challenge facing the Great Barrier Reef. Despite having a vision until 2050, the draft plan is virtually silent on climate change or ocean acidification.

Of course, the Abbott government doesn’t ‘believe in’ climate change. Apparently being ‘conservative’ actually makes them want to radically change the chemical composition of our atmosphere, doubling heat-trapping gases and changing the acidity of the world’s oceans so that krill die off and undermine the entire ocean’s food web! Yep. Real ‘conservative’.

4. Global warming is mother of all bombs.

100 million refugees, rising sea levels, dropping food production, species extinction, mega-droughts, mega-floods, enough said. It’s time to shut down coal for good. Canavan sounds like a looney worrying about a few environmentalists. It’s time to worry about the govcorp entity that seems suicidally determined to drive the Titanic straight for that iceberg, regardless!

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