Evernote V Onenote: Onenote wins for my purposes!

  • I *had* given up on Onenote. I thought it would let me do everything I wanted (like ‘Find & Replace’) with the Onetastic extension, but I use Mac and Onetastic only works on Windows7. Mac doesn’t even seem to let you rename Notebooks! How outrageous is that?
  • But then after a few weeks playing with Evernote, I realised it wasn’t the best app for my needs either. It doesn’t have ‘Find & Replace’ either. (‘Replace’ is important to me as I’m using my notes as a novel-wiki with all the backstory etc to a sci-fi novel. Now imagine I change a character name! Ouch!)
  • I couldn’t get hooked on Mac’s notes.app because I might soon get a free hand-me-down Windows laptop that I could use to write. Then I can customise the laptop as *mine* and finally get *my* account to sync properly for the Onetastic extension
  • Until I get Onenote on Windows I *can* edit notebook names on my imac by just logging into onedrive.com, where I can delete or rename notebooks as often as I like.
  • Evernote doesn’t store on the device: it requires wifi or mobile access to data to update the screen you’re watching. Onenote can sync on my local wifi at home, and then be up to date on my iphone.
  • I like the Onenote layout better than Evernote. Evernote only gives 250 notebooks, and then everything is in notes. Onenote has notebooks, Sections, and then pages. That’s much more useful for me!
  • Evernote notes wouldn’t just drag to the order I wanted them to sit in the notebook, but seemed to be name dependent. I had to add *numbers* to each note’s title for this! Crazy. Onenote pages just drag up and down where you want, within the Section you want. Easy!
    8. Evernote scared me when it warned I had already used up half the data-transfer allowed in one week! Upload / download is only 60MB a month! I use lots of images in my character wiki’s etc. Images spark up my writing. They’re essential. But they take up space! Given I wanted to export Evernote to my mac every month for security, it would not be long until just doing my monthly backup would use up all my free data transfer allowance! Onenote doesn’t have one of those, and instead just has a free 15 GIG storage allowance. (As I run a business with Microsoft Office365, we get 1TB on onedrive!)
    So, for now I’m moving across to Onenote and I don’t think I’ll be looking back. When I finally get a hand-me-down Windoze, I’ll be able to customise my accounts and finally sync for the Onetastic Search & Replace.
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