Star Wars trailer 2015 and my wishes

The teaser trailer is here.

I dream that JJ Abrams will re-write bits of the prequels.
EG: There will be a reference to Jar-Jar Binks, who it turns out was *actually* banished from his fierce tribe of amphibian warriors for being *too* fierce. “Remember, don’t end up like Jar-Jar” and the screen will wobble back to reveal the *true* Jar-Jar, a gnarly amphibian warrior with enormous legs like some kind of oversized frog, who then snarls and ninja-jumps towards the camera and then off scene to snarling and screaming. And his ears? Compact little amphibian ears that can retract away under a layer of skin when swimming. In other words, the Gunguns were a warrior race, and Jar Jar the worst of them all. A few brief scenes like this and we’ll get the message. The Clone Wars happened, but the ‘history’ we’ve received has been corrupted. What I’m saying is THE PREQUELS NEVER HAPPENED MAN!
Pardon me for shouting, but I get emotional about things like this.

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