Germany at 67% renewable penetration?

I thought not!

Because science media reports records, that one day when Solar + Wind hit 67% penetration in Germany, the consistently low performance of renewables in Germany is forgotten: and this is despite the enormous money put into renewables in Germany.
“The annual contribution of wind and solar is around 8% and 6% respectively, despite instantaneous penetration at some six times these levels.”
Carbon intensity in “German electricity remains stubbornly high at 10 to 20 times the best performing European nations [33],”

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  1. Patrick says:

    The lack of large scale storage of energy is the reason for the wide disparity between peak vs average production from renewables. This requires lots of backup generation in the form of gas or coal plants. But chromium iron flow batteries, a proven tech which is already commercialized, have the ability to replace gas generators, and do so economically. Thus there are no technical or economic barriers to achieving 100 percent renewable energy.

    The problem with nuclear is that it’s history is one of unfulfilled promises and failures. Even if the current host of technical problems could be resolved with the next generation of reactor designs, you still have a huge barrier in overcoming public perception. And like it or not, public perception is a big part of how capitalism works- a bunch of rich guys decide what to gamble their billions on, and money gets invested. Decisions are rarely completely rational in such a system.


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