My top 6 reasons

Top 6 reasons to wean off fossil fuels like oil, gas, and coal.

1. Save lives!

Every year coal, oil, and gas particulates (dust) kill 7 million people worldwide.
As George Monbiot reports: “Coal kills more people when it goes right than nuclear power does when it goes wrong. In fact coal kills more people every week than nuclear power has in the entire history of its deployment.”

2. Save money!

Prevent the ‘externalised costs’ to the health budget. Along with this comes the expense. Fossil fuel particulates (dust) both makes people chronically sick and then even kills many of them. It costs nations so much in their health bill that even ‘clean-coal’ burning nations like America should DOUBLE the cost of coal fired electricity to cover the costs to their health bill. Nuclear power and renewables would be CHEAPER than this!

3. Save the free market!

Oil, coal and gas worldwide get over $1.4 billion PER DAY, or nearly half a TRILLION dollars a year in government subsidies. Put simply, they have such powerful lobbyists they are an ENEMY OF THE FREE MARKETPLACE for energy. Supporting oil, coal and gas is almost the same as supporting Socialism, and goes along with the lies supported by Koch brothers lobbyists.

4. Save national security!

Oil addiction is like drug addiction and makes nations vulnerable to a number of attacks. Oil is geopolitically linked to national security. Weaning off oil fast is an act of patriotism every American should support! As former CIA Director, James Woolsey said:

>>>”It’s the possibility of an oil cutoff such as the Saudis did in 1973. It’s the possibility of terrorism against infrastructure in the Middle East, such as the attack on Abqaiq [the oil refinery in Saudi Arabia] two years ago. It’s the possibility of regime change, either violently or by succession. It’s if [Saudi] King Abdullah is succeeded by Prince Nayef, who is the interior minister, his half brother and one of the most powerful men in the kingdom.

Prince Nayef is a fanatical Wahhabi. We might have a much more difficult time getting along with him than we do with King Abdullah.

It’s current regimes like the Iranian regime, fueled by high oil prices and developing nuclear weapons and threatening to wipe Israel off the map. It’s borrowing well over a billion dollars a day to import oil, which weakens the dollar and has all sorts of negative economic effects. Some of that finds its way through the Saudi government and wealthy individuals to the Wahhabi institutions of the world of Islam.
So when a Wahhabi madrassa in Pakistan is teaching little Pakistani boys the virtues of becoming a suicide bomber, you and I are paying for that through our gasoline purchases.”<<<

5. Save us from the oil addiction: create energy independence

America has enough spent-nuclear-fuel to burn in GenIV Integral Fast Reactors (like G.E.’s S-PRISM, at commercial prototype stage, based on the physics of the EBR2 tested for decades!) to run America for 1000 years. New reactors CAN NOT melt down even if a tidal wave knocked out their cooling systems, and how the fuel rods themselves can’t melt down because of the laws of physics. As we work to clean up the electricity grid, America can also work to increase her oil independence by combining increased trains, trams, and trolley buses, Electric Vehicles, hydrogen and even rechargable boron for trucks!

6. Save the truth!

Climate deniers have demonstrated that they don’t care about 7 million lives a year, cutting the health bill, saving the free market from $400 BILLION in subsidies a year, national security, oil addiction, and least of all the truth! They have some warped political agenda that trumps their ability to listen to scientific reality. The solutions are win win win, and climate change is true anyway and still they fight it! There is so much denial about this that I can only conclude Denialists are now firmly in the tinfoil-hat- wearing armchair conspiracy theorist brigade. They think they know something about this. They don’t. The sheer myths I hear repeated as fact, time and again. Spotting climate denying memes has become a boring pastime. Instead, it’s time to fix this. I want this to become a boring historical footnote, something that once threatened us but we rallied together and defeated it. Like cholera from dirty drinking water, or smallpox. Something our grandchildren just take for granted.


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