Google robot cars could help New Urbanism

The reason a New Urbanist like myself likes self-driving cars is that they’re stepping stone to a society with fewer cars. Imagine you’re almost at the point where you could live without a car, but there are just a *few* too many times each year you have to hire a cab and you don’t like the unpredictable cost and possibly inconvenient waiting times. What if cabs were half the price, or even less, because you didn’t have to pay a cab driver his salary? There simply isn’t one! You’re hiring a piece of equipment from some corporation: probably on a plan a bit like a phone plan. Imagine there’s *heaps* of these cars, and they come when you summon them on your phone. Then you have an *easy* way to get to the station and back. In other words, Robot Cars like these Google Self-Driving might one day give more people the confidence to live without a car: or maybe it will be a 2 car family confidently stepping back to 1 car? Check it out. Robot cars are coming!

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