Fantastic new source of food!

Fantastic new source of food:
* traditional aquaculture trawls the oceans for by-catch to munch up and feed to captive fish
* this system replaces ocean feedstock with microorganisms grown in nearby tanks
* Or it can be grown in the prawn farm’s own prawn ponds in the 6 month off season
* half the world’s seafood is farmed, so if we eventually replace unsustainble by-catch feedstocks with sustainably grown feedstock pellets, the oceans may get a chance to recover
* it increases marginal prawn farms to profitable prawn farms because the prawns grow 40% larger and are healthier
* increased health gains mean more prawns can be grown in closer proximity
* more prawns in each pond increases production & profits,=
* spin off’s not listed on the show but that I am considering are possible increases in our understanding of micro-plankton or algae growth for feedstocks for other industries.

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3 Responses to Fantastic new source of food!

  1. mikestasse says:

    As I thought…….
    There’s no free lunch. Steal marine micro organisms from the sea, and something that is part of the food chain will be affected. And that ‘something’ will almost certainly be part of the food chain of critters we eat, or critters that eat what we eat……..

  2. Eclipse Now says:

    Dear, misguided Mike,
    Your paranoia is about as rational as fearing the world’s pond scum and wood-dissolving enzymes are about to disappear because of the cheese and yoghurt industries. Dude, did you see all the mineral feedstocks going into the ponds to breed it up?

    You’re simply not being economically or scientifically rational I’m afraid. They’ve sampled these marine micro-organisms already. Who says they need to go out take them from the ocean ever again? They’re breeding them up in captivity, and selling them on as part of the franchising educational pack.

    This is good news. You should celebrate it.

  3. Eclipse Now says:

    Hi Mike,
    I was thinking that when you were little, your mum probably never made yoghurt? Never heard of a starter batch? What makes you think they’d ever need to go back out? 😉

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