Thor will save us!

Well, maybe the rock named after him. But the problem with this documentary is that it HATES uranium, and forgets that IFR’s have the same advantages of thorium reactors and can burn uranium waste. Indeed, Integral Fast Reactors have an advantage over thorium reactors in that we have real, engineered prototypes that worked successfully for decades, survived a number of meltdown scenario tests, and yes: fissioned nuclear waste down to 10% of its mass. Not only that, GE have the S-PRISM ready to go for any country that will build it.

Uranium: it’s not a dirty word.

So while cautioning against the anti-uranium sentiments in this half hour documentary, I say go for it! Their enthusiasm is catchy, and if they actually make thorium reactors cheaper than IFR’s, then we all win anyway.

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2 Responses to Thor will save us!

  1. Eclipse Now says:

    Hi Mike,
    In an era crying out for energy that doesn’t kill 7 million people a year due to particulate pollution, that is sustainable and secure and doesn’t plunge our nations into oil crises, that is plentiful and abundant and clean, and most of all: that doesn’t cause climate change; are you really trying to suggest there isn’t a *market* for cheap new energy sources?

    Once we give everyone what they need: population growth stops and starts to decline. Meeting human needs for life and dignity is the only way we’re going to solve this. Then, if there remain any more environmental tasks that require tinkering with the economy, that’s not hard at all!

    Please check out the first 10 minutes of this talk where the brilliant “Richard Denniss: Executive Director of The Australia Institute and Adjunct Associate Professor at the Crawford School of Economics and Government, ANU ”
    He has some *great* material on economics. Richard slays various economic myths, and shows how the dreaded dollar can actually be used to steer our vast economies in the right direction. GDP, shmeedeepee. He just doesn’t care! Check it out.

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