Coalition to ban free speech on the environment?

Warning! Big Corporations are uniting with the Coalition to ban FREE SPEECH if you happen to care about threatened biodiversity like trees and critters and tigers and Orang-utans, let alone caring about threatened wilderness, national parks, or even our very climate! For if they ban your right to boycott specific companies for logging the wrong species of tree or in the wrong wilderness areas, are they not banning your very right to protest about these matters? They’re commanding you to “eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow the earth dies!” Consume unthinkingly, for this is what the FREE MARKET demands. Just roll over, and go back to sleep.
Sorry Mr Colbeck (and Abbott), I’ll stick with FREE SPEECH. And civil disobedience if you force me to!

The real concern here is that Colbeck thinks he has a better grip on ‘the truth’ about environmental matters. He would say he is not banning free speech, but merely dishonest speech. But who becomes the arbiter of environmental truth? The Liberals? “Direct Action” anyone? Excuse me… I just vomited in my mouth!

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