Worry about Fukushima or coal?

CNN’s melting down over Fukushima again: this article sounds REALLY scary, and uses lots of emotive terms like “highly toxic water”.

It all sounds so scary until you realise they haven’t actually bothered to name their horrors! It’s just Tritium, and the reality is they should stop wasting money and just let it out into the ocean. They ‘dare not speak its name’ so that people like Rod Adam’s cannot easily debunk the scare campaign. But we know what’s in that water CNN, and we should stop the unscientific FUD campaign and let it out!

We should not worry about the GRAMS of radioactive material in this water that’s already been treated to get the really nasty stuff out. Let’s instead think about the BILLIONS of TONS of CO2 burning coal is pouring into the air. Those BILLIONS of TONS of coal come with high concentrations of uranium and mercury and all sorts of other nasties. Yes, they’re ‘only’ in parts-per-million measures: but when you burn BILLIONS of tons, those PPM’s start to count!

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