Re-writing a few summary pages

Hi all,

recent debates with doomers have forced me to take another look at my ‘Radical Rules’ pages, and I’ve decided some of them need a bit of a tidy up. I’ve also added ‘Recharge’ recommending that we switch to electric cars and boron as soon as possible to save our lives and save some money! I’m still tidying up the grammar, but I just had to whack my thinking on line. My blog is my Pensieve, after all.

5. How are we going to afford it all?

Save on importing: This is where it gets really exciting: we can’t afford not to. Not Australia, not America, not any country that imports their oil. Importing oil is like renting a house: it’s dead money. But if you wean off oil and switch to hown grown alternatives, you spread that money around inside your own economy. You’ll have energy security, more jobs, a better balance of trade, and ultimately more money. How much more? For some countries, the difference could be the only way to avoid a Great Depression as peak oil hits! Indeed, many of America’s current financial woes can be traced back to importing oil. How much money are we talking about? Only $453 billion in 2011 (according to Pickens). How it actually shakes down, that’s a lot of money.

Save on oil: Next, think about how much oil costs right now? Shai Agassi said electricity costs half what oil costs on a per kilometre basis. As you charge up at night, you’ll have a bigger power bill but no petrol/gasoline bill. You’ll end up with more money in your pocket. More money to spend. More money to spread around through the economy doing other things.

Save on health: Today’s coal and oil particulate pollution add something like 10% to the nation’s health bill, and worldwide kills millions of people a year. Switching to a nuclear & oil alternative economy could shave 10% off your nation’s health bill.

Once we really count the cost of importing oil, of the higher price of oil itself, and the health cost, my guess is that a nuclear + EV/Boron transport system would be quite competitive compared to today’s mess. Or look at it this way: even if the energy side of the equation costs exactly the same, at least we’d shave 10% of our national health bills, prevent climate change crashing our economies, and have nationally secure energy infrastructure. That’s worth my 2 cents, at least!

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