HEALTH NEWS: For once, an ancient spiritual practice is being revived for modern health benefits with scientifically verifiable results. Blood tests and health tests and all kinds of large-population group studies verify this.

EG: A whole generation in the Great Depression were forced to ‘practice’ this ‘discipline’ simply because they were too poor. They lived 7 years longer than the average American! It protects your heart, brain, and cells.

The best news? It’s FREE! It may even save you money. It WORKS, and it just requires a bit of self discipline twice a week. There is also a fantastic side effect – you’ll slowly lose weight. I’ve even been losing weight over Christmas and Australia day and all those BBQ’s and ice-creams and chocolates. (I’m a comfort eating pig!) I’ve already lost 8 kilos. But weight loss is not the goal, just a side effect. Spend an hour watching this documentary, as the science here could change your life. It’s really helping my wife and I, and saved us raising diabetes and blood pressure meds recently. Check it out.

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  1. Nick Palmer says:

    I didn’t see any links in your post but I’m pretty sure that you’re talking about the 5:2 fasting diet. I’ve been doing it since April. It’s easy. It’s fun. It works.

  2. Eclipse Now says:

    Hi Nick,
    thanks for letting me know the link didn’t show up! WordPress works a treat at youtube, but Vimeo not so much. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Yes, it’s 5:2. I’m just *amazed* that I’ve been losing (even just a little) weight over Christmas! I really am a comfort eater. But do you get a little light-headed towards the end of each fasting day? Are you at the point where you need to cut back to 1 day a week because of becoming underweight?

  3. Nick Palmer says:

    Eclipse wrote:
    “But do you get a little light-headed towards the end of each fasting day? Are you at the point where you need to cut back to 1 day a week because of becoming underweight?”

    No, because I have most of the calories in my evening meal. I only have a fruit juice and tea for breakfast. I’ve rarely eaten midday meals because I was a delivery driver for a long time and got out of the habit. That might explain why I don;t get “lightheaded” throughout the day. I know of some people (not on the diet) who claim they need to eat something every couple of hours or their blood sugar drops and they feel faint. That just seems ridiculous to me – they’ve obviously got into a silly eating pattern and their bodies now expect it.

    I’ve been on the “diet” since April. I was 87.5kg, waist 43.5 inches. Today I am 75.8 and 36.5 inches which is a whisker off my target, so I have just started spacing out the fasts a bit. My cholesterol and BP is down a lot too. I also find the diet kind of fun and interesting.

  4. Eclipse Now says:

    Some of my light-headedness may be psychosomatic. I was just reading on the 5:2 website:
    “Will I feel faint or shaky?
    If it has been a long time since you went for several hours during the day without eating then you may find the first couple of weeks quite tough. People think that after several hours without food they will feel faint because their blood sugar has fallen, but this is a myth. Unless you are a diabetic, your body is extremely good at preserving your blood sugar levels and will do so for many days without food.”

  5. roslynb says:

    Eating one quarter of normal intake for two or even one day a week sounds tough to me! You mentioned it helped your wife too? I thought (maybe without foundation) that women generally found food deprivation harder than men. Second thought…you said it helped with BP (which is my biggest problem), but it seems others have varied results, from a quick look around forums, some found it raised their BP.

  6. Eclipse Now says:

    I guess it depends on how crazy they go in the 5 days of ‘normal’ eating? The 2 days a week are pretty tough. I tend to go to bed early. I certainly don’t enjoy them, but they tend to be bad only around 3pm. The thing is hunger comes in waves, and if you push through that real nagging, slightly sick cramping feeling in your stomach for 10 or 20 minutes, and come out the other side, you’re fine. The ONLY reason this diet works for me is I DON’T have willpower. I simply can’t stick to a ‘diet’ all the time. There’s simple things in life, like Pizza on the weekend, or ice cream with the kids, or even (only occasionally) Nutella from the spoon! Fasting undoes a lot of these bad things. It lowers Growth Hormone and puts the body into ‘repair mode’. It prevents cancer, heart disease, and brain degeneration. Protects your cells, heart, and brain! Weight loss is a *side-effect*, not goal, but it too helps with all these issues.

  7. roslynb says:

    Waves of hunger, slightly sick cramping feeling?…eeew. With my blood pressure problem, I think it would be too much stress on the system. Good to know, though, thanks.

  8. Eclipse Now says:

    But the waves of hunger are short. I only have a little willpower. I reckon you could do it. Watch the video. It makes all the difference in the world knowing *why* you’re doing it. It’s not to lose weight: some weeks you may not lose weight. It’s much more important than that! ๐Ÿ™‚ If you’re married or in some family situation, watch the video with the family. You can encourage each other. And don’t be too strict about it. If you’re feeling sick one day, you need to eat! If you didn’t get a good night’s sleep, you need to eat! If you could face it the next day, but just not today for some reason, then you need to eat! But as long as you do it twice a week, you should be OK. Then, when at goal weight, once a week is fine.

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