Seawater BUGHOUSE?

Hi all,

I’ve added these videos about Entomophagy (eating bugs) to my Green deserts page because I’ve just GOT to get this idea out there and see if some entrepreneur takes this idea and run with it!

Seawater BUGHOUSE? Protein from the deserts?

Now it gets really interesting. Insects are an ancient delicacy, high in protein, that convert biomass feedstock into protein much, much more efficiently than cows. It’s called Entomophagy and could be the next great agricultural revolution.
See this TED talk for a 5 minute summary:

Or this hour long BBC Documentary for more.

What I’d love to see the economics for is whether there is a way to combine seawater greenhouse technology with Entomophagy, and grow the tastiest bugs we want in the desert in the lush, green, coolness of seawater greenhouses. Protein from our deserts! There’s just got to be an economic model that works.


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