Who is moving across to Google+

Genuine question: why are you using Google+ and what are you using it for? Google have done a few things recently to annoy their users. They’ve killed off iGoogle, and then they’ve forced Youtube customers to post onto Youtube through Google+. It’s their move on Facebook, but is it working?

Personally, I’d like to keep Facebook for family and friends just so I don’t get duplication and even more avenues for ‘missed messages’. I long for the day when everyone used to just phone each other or send emails, but now I’ve got to check in with Facebook because there’s a family group there. Google+ as well? Another thing to check? No thanks!

But what if I had an alias, and used Google+ for all my anonymous greenie blogging? There does seem to be an enormous number of forums and comment systems that this could streamline for me. Disqus and others all seem to be a bit all over the place, and this has the durability of Google. So what do you think? What are you going to do about Google+?


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