Government is good

Sadly, I think the current cynical TEA-party generation of Americans (and many of my right-wing Australian friends) need to read this website just to be reminded of the innumerable benefits we receive living in modern, efficient, democratic governments. Sure the current American government shut-down reminds us that no human system is perfect. But before I get too party-political, it’s time to link to an optimistic and uplifting reminder of why we have governments in the first place. As they remind us, governments are helping us from the moment we wake up in the morning and breathe fresh air, listen to the radio and have breakfast.

Government is good reminds us to be thankful for modern systems of government, whatever side of politics we normally vote for.

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One Response to Government is good

  1. xraymike79 says:

    I guess a plutocratic government is better than nothing, at least for as long as it lasts.

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