3 ways to divest

From Anglican Minister Byron Smith: 

Three ways to divestment:

1. If you are an Australian who has worked anytime in the last 20 years, you almost certainly have superannuation. And unless you work in local government (whose superfund has already divested) or manage your own stock, then your superfund almost certainly has fossil fuel investments. So give them a call and ask them to divest. Thousands of other people are quite likely doing the same thing at the moment.

2. If you are an Australian, then your government owns and manages an ~$80 billion Future Fund. Why would they be investing in a dead end industry to fund our future? Join the campaign to get the Future Fund to divest, just as it did with tobacco last year: http://campaigns.gofossilfree.org/petitions/sell-down-fossil-fuel-holdings-from-australia-s-future-fund

3. If you are a Sydney Anglican, join the movement to divest the endowment:

Lastly, there is a useful letter tool you can use here to help communicate with your fund manager.


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