Whether or not you agree with the science of climate change, you owe it to yourself to look into this major development in climate campaign strategies. React to it. Selfishly. That is, PROTECT YOUR SUPER and GET OUT OF FOSSIL FUELS WHILE YOU STILL CAN!

I’m not kidding: your super really is at risk! Whether or not you accept the science of climate change, you owe it to yourself, and your retirement, to look into this new campaign because chances are that it directly threatens your super! Even some AMERICAN CITIES are selling all their fossil fuel shares! This thing could snowball in just a few years. If certain coal field upgrades and train lines are not built in the next few years, they may *never* be built.

EG: “A dozen more cities and municipalities in the United States have passed policies on fossil fuel divestment. Bill McKibben suggested to Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore that Sydney should follow the lead of San Francisco and Seattle.”

Do the Maths: Bill McKibben argues for divestment

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