Giant council waste compost

Gardening Australia recently *so* challenged my approach to waste management I’m thinking of taking the kids on a weekend excursion out to Western Sydney to see this beast. It challenges my ideal of just taking all household rubbish and throwing it in a Plasma Burner. This episode shows how the RED bin (Household waste) can go through industrial strength sorting to recycle plastics and metals and other materials out of the waste stream. Organic material like food scraps are the last thing left on the conveyor belts and is dumped into an *enormous* indoor compost bin. It’s the size of two football fields and has industrial mixers slowly grinding through the compost. The mixers turn the compost over and gradually move it, over a few weeks, towards the exit. It was so amazing I watched the episode 3 times.
See the video here.

If it doesn’t start, go down near the bottom and click “Gardening Australia Special”.

Transcript if you can’t get the video working, but seriously, the video is *worth watching*.

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