Sadly, CSIRO points out soil sequestration may not be enough.

While the Liberal party continues to argue for abolishing the carbon tax, a new study by the CSIRO points out flaws in their policy.

STEVE CANNANE: But a new three-year CSIRO study into soil carbon raises serious doubts about those claims.

The figures released to Lateline tonight show, “In the parts of the national soil carbon program that studied soil carbon changes over time – most showed soil carbon changes that were within the range (0.3 – 2.0 tonnes of CO2-equivalent per hectare per year) or lower.”

At the top end of that range, you’d need a land mass of at least 75 million hectares to abate 150 tonnes of CO2 equivalent. If you take the 0.3 per cent figure, then you’d need 500 million hectares, or two thirds of the land mass of Australia.

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