SBS Dateline gets it wrong on Nuclear Waste

Dateline’s “Fukushima Now” covered the nasty side-effects of radioactive waste in Fukushima. They showed cows with growths, but did not ask a vet to verify what had caused them. They showed abandoned cities, but did not really explain how high the radiation levels were or what the statistics would be like if people moved back. They interviewed local citizens, but did not interview experts. They painted a dark picture of nuclear power without once mentioning that the technology was 40 years old, that new nukes use passive safety physics that even Homer Simpson couldn’t break, and most of all, new nukes that BURN nuclear waste!

Dateline then continued with alarmist stories that we just didn’t know what to do with nuclear waste and were not really sure if we could build storage depots for 100,000 years! Um, why would you bury your best energy resource? That’s like digging up nasty tar sands oil, separating it out, making your best jet fuel, and then burying it for 100,000 years! That’s insane! GenIV nukes are coming. They are based on the physics of 300 reactor years of the breeder program. We know the physics works. We know it can be safe. We know nukes can be built far out in outback NSW hundreds of kilometres away from any towns, just in case people still don’t trust the engineers. And we know that nuclear waste is not a PROBLEM, but that just today’s level of nuclear waste is actually unused fuel for GenIV reactors that will run the world for 500 years! Waste is not a problem but is THE SOLUTION!

What I want to know is why stories on nuclear power hardly ever mention these basic facts?

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One Response to SBS Dateline gets it wrong on Nuclear Waste

  1. Nick Palmer says:

    It’s a matter of trust. I’ve heard nuclear types claiming at regular intervals that NOW it’s safe and cheap etc ever since the 1950s. It’s quite possible that the newest nuke designs might finally be the real deal, but the serial overconfidence and hype that the nuclear industry has been spouting for many decades means that the public at large do not trust them any more.

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