I emailed Susan Freinkel on Eternal Plastics

Hi all,

I just listened to a Long Now foundation talk by Susan Freinkel on her book on plastics and our ‘toxic love story’ with them. It’s a great talk, and I encourage you all to listen to it. (I also left a copy of the following email as a comment).

Amongst the many benefits and challenges with plastics, including their bio-accumulating toxicity in the oceans, she mentioned that plastics were also going to be difficult to get enough low-carbon feedstock for, and that many combinations of plastic polymers did not work together, and it was difficult and time consuming to sort plastics for recycling.

She obviously hadn’t read about Plasma Arc Burners that are coming, and so I sent her the following email.


I just listened to your great talk on plastics. I’m very concerned about the dangers of toxic plastic floating in the oceans, and hope one day nano-tech robots suck it all back out again! But that’s not why I wrote.

I think we have answers to the problem of recycling and the problem of sourcing sustainable, low carbon plastics for the future. The Plasma arc burner zaps all household rubbish into synthetic gas that floats off the top, and the more solid wastes ooze out the bottom like lava.

The Plasma Arc burner effectively recycles all waste except radioactive waste. This includes *all* categories of plastic (meaning no more Chinese ladies have to stand and sort tiny pieces of plastic!). It also recycles anything else we throw in the trash, such as dirty diapers, pizza boxes, paint tins, lawn clippings, and even asbestos and toxic chemicals. It is lightning on a stick. It’s three times hotter than the surface of the sun! It rips the waste apart at the molecular level ready for recycling.

All the hydrocarbons (from the plastics and pizza boxes and rotting wood and lawn clippings and smelly joggers) are instantly vaporised and shoot Syngas off to the petrochemical industry.

The more solid wastes ooze out the bottom like lava, and these can be spun into fluffy Rock Wool which makes things like insulation for homes and fluff for hydroponics garden beds. When combined with plastics it can make fibreglass for car panels or faux wood panels for the side of a house or the insulation to keep that house warm and the roof tiles to keep the house dry.

In other words, household waste can help build the next house! (And car and boat). Toxic soils can be poured in and turned into safer building materials. Read more about the plasma arc in a Tom Blees FREE book “Prescription for the Planet”. Read Chapter 7, “Exxon Sanitation, Inc.!    p189 (All about getting Exxon to use the Plasma Arc Burner to become the GOOD guys, not the fossil fuelled, climate denialist bad guys they are today!) Enjoy!

Click to access P4TP4U.pdf

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