Owning a gun will NOT keep you safe

As The Conversation shows:

Owning a gun will keep you safe

This is the biggest lie of all. Many gun owners are very capable of acting responsibly. They can follow procedures like locking up guns, and keeping ammunition separately. The NRA will even educate children on what to do if they find a gun! None of this changes the fact that people who carry guns are nearly five times more likely to be shot than those who don’t carry guns. Gun owners are also in the dangerous situation of having their weapons used against them by a member of their own family.
Gun owners may feel that if weapons are going to be available on the black market, then they should be able to defend themselves. But with an average of 230,000 guns stolen in property crimes every year in the USA, with 80% of these never recovered by the police, the proliferation of weapons in homes simply fuels the amount of weapons in the community.

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