Are gun owners stupid or illegal?

my friend OSO asks. One point that I thought he put really well:

The US Constitution allows citizens the freedom to travel throughout the US, but this doesn’t mean that planes, trains and automobiles aren’t subject to government legislation. In the same way the 2nd amendment allows citizens the right to own firearms to defend themselves, but the government still has the power to regulate what sort of firearms can be used for this freedom. Otherwise people can own their own nukes.

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2 Responses to Are gun owners stupid or illegal?

  1. specialletters says:

    I read the US constitution as implying not so much self defence but so the people can form a militia – which was How they managed to get rid of the British in 1776. And a facebook poster mentioned Arms might not have meant just muskets but cannon etc….. Surely they have a National Guard and their Arms are stored in secure storage whereas the problem is the ones s
    sold to anyone over the counter at Walmart

    Friday over there NRA will have a news conference will be interesting to see what they have to offer to stop this carnage…..

  2. Eclipse Now says:

    Yes Special Letters, that’s a very good historical point.

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